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 Margarito Vs. Pacquiao

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Margarito Vs. Pacquiao Empty
PostSubject: Margarito Vs. Pacquiao   Margarito Vs. Pacquiao Icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 3:36 am

Just finished watching this one...and I had to comment as a fan and as the prez of a boxing site -

While I do not particularly like Freddie Roach, I have to give team Pac the credit that they deserve. Manny is truly the most destructive and violent fighter I have ever seen stand in a ring. He is humiliating his opponents at this point, and has proven that he is the best fighter of his generation - in any division.

I was hoping that Margs would do something tonight that was impossible...and though he had his moments - it was never in the cards. HBO does a brilliant job marketing Pacs fights, and 27/7 was about as genius as it gets. Freddie Roach had many believing that Manny was unprepared, when in fact, Manny and Freddie were never concerned about Margs being a major threat. As a fan, I knew that Margs had not had a significant fight in almost 2 years, and that regardless of his training and shape...he would show major rust. He did.

You can't question the heart of Margarito, but you have to wonder what the hell his corner was thinking between the 10th and 11th round. It should have been stopped...and that also falls on the ref's shoulders. What I saw was negligent officiating - and it's unfortunate because fights like that one often have dire consequenses - like a fighter collapsing in his dressing room and being in a coma...or worse.

Hats off to team Pac - what a dominant and brilliant performance. I love Floyd Mayweather, and if he doesn't sign to fight Manny before he calls it quits, shame on him.

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Margarito Vs. Pacquiao
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